Friday, February 17, 2006

To "Affiliate" or not to "affiliate"?

There is a lot of productive "dia-blog" (I just made that up!) going on on other blogs which I've read with interest. My friend Larry asked for input and recieved a fair amount, so I thought I'd try my hand at it.

At our church we have been presented an opportunity to "affiliate" with a well-known national youth organization for the purpose of running an after-school program. Our building would be the envy of many, but it is severely underutilized (many factors here - a discussion for another time). This organization has the deep pockets and the ready-made program. We have started the discussion and most everyone (the organizations leadership, the mayor, our Advisory Board, and me, to a certain extent) is excited about moving forward.

My problem comes in the fact that, even just today, I've begun questioning whether or not it's a good move for the Corps. No doubt the program will bring dozens, if not hundreds, of youth through our doorway that probably would not darken it otherwise. We are working on a plan to bridge the gap from that program to our other youth ministries. Developing anything like the programming of this affiliation on our own would mean engaging leaders and spending money we simply do not have.

I wonder, though, if it is the right move for us. Is it possible that a great program like this, with most things seeming to fall into place, will be a move away from our Mission Statement focus? Would it be compromise to associate so closely with an organization that shares our concerns for kids well-being, but deviates from the core value at stake - an introduction to Jesus?

Or do I just have cold feet?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Doctrine #12?

I have two questions that I need some help with. I'll ask the first one now and save the second for another post. Here it is:

Why is it that there is no mention of the resurrection/ascension in our Doctrines? Does this bother anyone? Should this be considered by our leadership? (Okay, that's three questions. The 2nd & 3rd were not part of the original two.)

It seems that this belief is foundational enough to deserve inclusion. Anyone?