Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tunes on the OOBeach

Music takes me back to times & places in my memory like almost nothing else can. As the weather warms and the trees green (can a color be a verb?) I remember long lazy summer days on the sands of Old Orchard Beach, and look forward to more. There is music that says "sunny days on the beach" to me. Favorite beach albums, in no particular order...

"C'mon, C'mon" - Sheryl Crow
"The Endless Summer" - The Beach Boys
"In Between Dreams" - Jack Johnson
"What's the Story Morning Glory?" - Oasis
"Walk, Don't Run: The Best of..." - The Ventures
"Rubber Soul" - The Beatles (Because they are appropriate in any/every situation)

There are songs, too, that say it by themselves...

"Fire On High" - ELO (The Astrosphere song from Funtown)
"Back In the High Life" - Steve Winwood
"Going the Distance" - Cake
"Vehicle" - The Ides of March
"Springtime Freeway" - TOF/The Hearde

This is all so subjective, it's hard to pinpoint reasons why this music does what it does. Let's just say...it does.

Enjoy the season, and don't forget your sunscreen.